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Gary B. Rodrigue

Gary B. Rodrigue

Blockchain WW Food Safety Leader, IBM


In my career, I have had the unique opportunity to be involved in 2 major Disruptive Technology events that were driven by a convergence of technologies. The first putting communications devices into computers, and the 2nd mobile devices. Each of these events with the use of my Leadership skills, Strategic vision, Communication Skills, Deep Customer relationships help the companies I worked for be market share leaders. I see a similar convergence of technologies happening with Blockchain. This convergence of technologies will propel Blockchain... will transform how we do business.


With growing data and lengthening ecosystems within the industry, the importance of trust weighs heavier than ever before. Food from across the world is available to consumers today, regardless of the season, location, or environment. However, the greater options and accessibility are accompanied by increasing complexity in the food supply chain.

IBM Food Trust provides a set of integrated modules to address the increased complexity and build trust in the industry.

From the farmer, processor, retailer, to the consumer, IBM Food Trust uses trust to build transparency. The blockchain solution is working to ensure that transparency enables the expanding food system.

With capabilities to enable safer food, longer product shelf lives, reduced waste, faster traceability, and better access to shared information, IBM Food

Trust empowers you to meet the new standard for transparency and trust.

The solution provides authorized users with immediate access to actionable food supply chain data, from farm to store and ultimately the consumer. The complete history and current location of any food item along with its accompanying information (i.e. certifications, test data, temperature data) can be readily available in seconds.


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